Guild Rules

The current guild rules, these apply to every single member of Reborn including officer's and are here to make everyone's life a little easier and so we can all have fun.

If you are wanting to join Reborn read these first.

General guild rules

1. Reborn members must have a 70 main character, full raiding spec, with gear that compliments this, all
gear must be as well enchanted/buffed to raid 25 man.

2. Reborn Members are allowed to have 1 alt in the guild.

3. Reborn members must treat everyone with respect and G Chat should reflect this, we expect everyone to act in a mature manner and act your age.

4. Reborn Members are active at least 5 times a week and at least attending 3-4 raids a week.

5. All members must use the sign-up system on the DKP website as this will now be used 100% to invite people however progression kill rules still stand when inviting for progression kills.

6. If you are in-active for more then 5 days without notifying an officer or classleader, you will be demoted and in conculsion kicked if you are at the lowest rank already.

7. Ninja Looting, Aggressive behaviour, Harassment towards other guild members or not will be dealt with accordingly.

8. You can only access the guild ventrilo if you are a member of the guild, no friends, arena teams are
allowed to used it unless they are members.

Raiding Rules

1. If you sign-up to a raid on the DKP site you are saying that you can stay for the duration (20:00 - 0:00) you will recieve - DKP if you leave early without a serious reason.

2. You know the fight that you are going too. If you sign-up you know the mecanics of the fight and ablities, Do NOT expect the raidleader to give a detailed breakdowns everytime we face a boss.

3. You ACT in a serious manner, while raiding no banter on vent, no ninja pulling etc.

4. You want to progress the guild, and have an attitude that compliments this and be fully focussed at all times.

5. You must be prepared before the raid starts, so POTS, Repaired, Buff Food, Resistance gear, specific boss items etc, these all
have to be done before the raid starts.

6. Tactics must be adhered too and knowledge of your classes job in specific boss fights.

7. NO AFKing without consulting your raidleader first in /w.

8. No friends, Family to play your character in a raiding enviroment.

9. No moaning about not been invited and DON'T /w Raidleaders during Invites.

10. Have you gear fully enchanted for the situation, and no moaning about Loot or DKP spending.

These are simple rules, But I believe if we follow these to the letter we will have a smoother guild, and start bashing through progress

 Punishment - As we are a mature guild I expect everyone to attain a level of common sense higher then that of a monkey, normally we only accept members above the age of 18+ however we do look into every application if you are proven to mature for your age you may get a spot however the raid leaders and myself dont specialize in creche'ing so infant behaviour will not be tolerated.

Below are the punishments we hand out and time scales. These are separated into different catgories for the severrity of an offense

Light - Warning Given, maybe a ban from raiding upto a week, this is escalated to medium if the offense happens again in a short space of time.

Medium - Warning Given, A ban from raiding for one week, banned from ventrilo for 1 week, DKP minus, this is escalated to High if the offense happens again in a short period of time.

High - Kick without warning, ingame mail sent detailing why you were kicked, Ip banned from ventrilo, DKP lost, investiagted by guild master.

These rules are here for everyone to enjoy the game and the guild as much as possible they aren't under discussion this is just the facts if you cross the line from now you will be dealt with.

Now lets all enjoy WoW and no aggro attention seeking panda's and adhere to the rules and we will all do fine.

Guild Charter

- To Have fun and be serious at raid times.

- To progress at a steady rate

- To have a friendly and social atmosphere in guild where we can all get along and be happy for  other peoples accomplisments

- To progress the server and make the server into our community

- To not tolerate the general  aggro attention seeking panda's that seem to inhabit the <lvl30 areas.



Udwin (Guildmaster) + Reborn officers