Reborn DKP and Raid Signup

The New And Improved Raid sign-up and dkp listing for reborn members

Dkp Rules and Site

Before using the DKP site and sign-up system you should first read the rules regarding it's use and look at what you are signing up for.

DKP Rules and Regulations

DKP  rules are as follows:

1. As you raid in 25 man you will earn DKP the final total of DKP earnt is dependent on how long the raid lasts, how long you stay for, general focus, bosses downed, progression made, the DKP is the same calculation for everyone in the road no-one earns different rates at all.

2. When loot drops either from trash or bosses you are able to spend your DKP wherea's before you could bid on these items now we use a simple system the people with higher DKP will get the first choice.

eg: player 1 =298dkp player 2 =324dkp player 3 = 126dkp

When loot drops the raidleader will ask if anyone needs this, once been replyed too in raid chat 3 players want the item, after that DKP officer will reel off the players total DKP after that the person with the highest dkp will get the item (player 2) no rolls no bids no nonsense and player 2 will be charged the fixed dkp price for that item immediatly(they will lose that DKP as soon as the item)

3. Passing for other members is allowed and incouraged, we all have to progress think more about yourself when deciding about loot.

4. Tier sets can only be rolled on for your raiding spec and cannot be taken over anyone elses primary raiding
gear for off spec.

5. Loot decisions are final if you moan you will be kicked from the raid and replaced. This applies to everyone.

6.DKP will be rewarded after every raid you cannot use the DKP you have earnt during your current raid on itmes that drop on that said raid.

7. All items now have a fixed price this is always the price you pay, and no negoation if no-one wants the item it will be DE/ed and sent to the guild bank.

8. If people have the same amount of DKP this will be solved by a simple roll and person with the highest roll will win the item and lose the DKP. the other person will not lose any DKP.

9. You spend you DKP how you see fit, no-one else has a say in it if you want an item for off-spec you spend the DKP required there are NO free Items.

10. ALL officer decisions are final.

Udwin and Reborn Team